İçeriğe geç

Activities in Turkiye

Activity 1: Keeping Organised

As part of the Erasmus+ Kateika: Home Economics Project in the EU School Curricula, our grade 6 students gained some awareness about the importance of keeping clean and organized. After a brief discussion on why it is important to keep clean and organized students worked on to clean their classroom, desks and finished the activity with organizing and cleaning out their school lockers.


* Gather your equipment
* Get dressed
* Open the window
* Broom, mop
* Wipe and rub
* Tidy up the equipment
* Separate garbage and take it out  

* Make use of what you have noticed and implement in your future life.



Activity 2: Wearing And Caring Of Clothes

Week 2 of KATEIKA activities: Grade 6 students gained awareness on wearing and taking care of their daily clothes. The activities involved students to choose the correct clothes according to season and situation. Alongside this students learnt how to tie a tie, button up a shirt, hang washed clothes, iron and fold their own clothes. Students also learnt how to tie their own shoelaces.

Activity 3: Separating Food Waste

Week 3 of KATEIKA activities was aimed at teaching students the importance of recycling. Prof. Dr. Kürşat Demiryürek and Lecturer Soner Çelik, held a seminar on recycling materials and most importantly food waste. After the seminar students went out to the school garden to put the theory into practice. Students were shown how to decompose food residues and how to turn the residues into organic fertilizers for future use.

Environmentally friendly living includes:

  • Understand the relationship between your life and the immediate environment and how to use environmentally friendly things.
  • Be able to notice the relationship between your life and the environment around you, and devise ways to use things.

Workshop Resources

Activity 4: Recycle An Old T-shirt Into New

After the mobility to Portugal, KATEIKA workshops at OMU Vakfi College continued with enjoyable activities. Our students recycled their old t-shirts using various art and craft materials. Students used their imagination to come up with their own designs. The designs turned out to be very creative. They also tried to gain skills such as threading a needle, using a needle, how to sew a button and sewing in order to improve their hand skills. The students had a pleasant time while gaining new knowledge and experiences.

Activity 5: Prepare A Dietary Suitable Menu

Erasmus KATEIKA project continues with engaging workshops. Students and teachers participated in a cooking workshop where they were asked to plan and prepare a healthy menu. Students shopped for the ingredients at the local supermarket, prepared the meal then shared the healthy meal with their friends and teachers. Students have gained the following achievements:

• Organise a healthy snack appropriate for dietary requirements

• Organise a shopping list of required ingredients

• Shop and organise the money for ingredients

• Prepare the chosen snack

• Organise the table and Share snack with friends and teachers

• Clean up after meal preparation and wash the dishes