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Project Partners


HACHINOHE GAKUIN UNIVERSITY – Regional Collaborative Research Center

HACHINOHE GAKUIN UNIVERSITY is a private University established in 1981 located in Hachinohe, Japan. The “Regional Collaborative Research Center” aims to become a base for “creating a new Hachinohe” in collaboration with the local community. The Center carries out think-tank activities for community development and open lectures for citizens. In addition, the center act as the key to strengthen the “industry-academia-government-private” network with local governments, higher educational institutions, companies, and citizens in the southern region of Aomori Prefecture and beyond.

Prof. Dr. Shizuko Tsutsumi (Director of the Regional Collaborative Research Center)

Prof. Dr. Yasuko Kato (Vice Director of the Regional Collaborative Research Center)

GATE JAPAN is an NGO, promoting intercultural dialogue, social responsibility and lifelong learning without borders. The main objectives of the organisation are; to implement a number of entrepreneurial studies and trainings, to encourage public participation and strengthening links between local, schools, businesses and municipal authorities and to carry out active projects for sustainable social development to promote multicultural society.

Hiroko Kawamorita (Founder and Director)


Arteteka is a social enterprise based in Dublin, Ireland. We believe in creativity as a means to promote social change. We are active in the Erasmus+ network and we design and deliver international projects that bring innovation in the formal and non-formal sector.

Project Manager:

Leonardo is EU project manager at Arteteka and oversees the implementation of international projects in different sectors. Leonardo has a strong experience in international project management, coordination and evaluation, and holds a master’s degree in Local Development.

Mr. Leonardo Magnani

‘’Ai Campi Elisi’’ is a comprehensive Institute inTrieste; our students cover an age ranging from 6 to 14 years and follow a progressive educational path divided into a primary cycle (from first to fifth grade) and a first level secondary cycle (from first to third grade).
Our institute, located in a border city between Eastern and Western Europe, has always faced the challenge of multiculturalism and openness to others.
The key words on which our Curriculum is founded are: inclusion, well-being, innovation, digital skills and environmental protection, all fundamental pillars on which an harmonious and responsible growth within the school and social community is based.
Since 2021 our institute has become part of the network of Dada Schools (Didactics for Learning Environments).

Our commitment to launch the school in a wider European dimension
started in the 1990s, when our Institute participated as the coordinating school in three consecutive Comenius European Projects (1996-2008).
At the present time we feel an even more urgent need to compare with different educational systems, different methods, different solutions to common problems and challenges, in order to enhance our teaching methods, together with our vocation to internationalization.
Last year we obtained an Erasmus+ accreditation that will allow us to access fundings until 2027. A fundamental part of this project consists in organizing mobilities of both teachers/staff and students to European Union schools. Annalisa Fabro is the responsible teacher for the Erasmus+ programme.
She is a teacher of Spanish language.

Ms. Francesca Gregoratti

Externato Paulo VI is open to everyone. It operates under a Pedagogical Autonomy system for all levels of education it offers: Preschool, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cycles of Basic Education.

The school has excellent facilities to support teaching and extracurricular activities, including classrooms suitable for each grade level, two outdoor courtyards, a covered playground, a football field, a library, a science laboratory, a music room, a chapel, and an auditorium with a capacity of 300 people. Currently, it has 450 students attending the various educational sectors.

The school has a team of approximately 60 professionals who dedicate themselves every day to the students’ education, reaffirming the institution’s vision and mission, focused on the students’ academic success as well as the development of Christian values and their happiness.

Lisa Silva has been responsible for the coordination of the Erasmus + projects for over three years. She has a degree in languages (Portuguese and English) and teaches English at the school. She teaches all levels of English from Pre-School to grade 9.

Mrs. Lisa Silva

Ondokuz Mayıs University

Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) is a well-established local state university. It was founded in 1975 to contribute and bring a new breath to the Black Sea region’s economic, cultural and social life. The University’s mission is to adopt universal values to bring about innovation to benefit individuals and society, working with intellectual rigour. The university has schools in the City of Samsun and 7 other counties. The main campus is located in Samsun, a coastal and harbour city situated on the border of the Black Sea.
The University gives great importance to science, education and research and is one of the strongest research and teaching institutions in Turkiye. It also aims to satisfy all the needs of a student in terms of professional training and other social needs, such as accommodation, health service, nutrition, cultural, social and sports activities etc.
The university has 20 faculties, one school (first cycle), 11 vocational schools (short cycle), 2 graduate schools, 26 research centres and one conservatoire. It has 51636 (5128 full time international students from 120 different countries) students (including postgraduate and distance learning students), 2,502 academic staff and 3,888 employees.
The University’s first and largest faculty, the Faculty of Medicine, has two university hospitals (adult and children). Similarly, the Faculty of Dentistry is a Dental Hospital. Serving the inhabitants of the entire Black Sea region, both faculties provide treatment in all health and dental care areas. Our Faculty of Veterinary Medicine also has an animal hospital, again serving local and regional patients.


Kürşat Demiryürek is a professor of extension education in the Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Samsun, Turkey. He got BSc on Agricultural Economics and MSc on Rural Distance Education both from Ankara University. He did his PhD from Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Department of Reading University, England. His PhD thesis was about Agricultural Information Systems for organic and conventional hazelnut producers in Turkey. He has professional experiences and conducted research in rural extension, agricultural information systems, social network analysis, organic agriculture, rural distance education and academic entrepreneurships. He has worked as short time experts in several EU, UNDP and FAO’s rural extension and development projects in Turkey.

Lecturer Soner ÇELİK

He is a lecturer and administrative officer at the Erasmus Office of IRO of OMU. He holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Fatih University and a master’s degree in the same field from Middle East Technical University. He is working on the tasks related to the Erasmus KA1 projects’ implementations. He is responsible for EU + NA Reports, ECHE Applications, Erasmus Without Paper, KA 171 Applications, and European Solidarity Corps (Volunteering Activities and Solidarity Projects). He is currently involved in several Erasmus projects.

Mrs. Sengul ÇAY

Sengul Cay is an english teacher at Ondokuz Mayis Vakfi College. She has been involved in several Erasmus+ projects. She has completed a bachelor degree in Arts at La trobe University in Melbourne/ Australia. She has also completed a Master’s degree in TESOL at Deakin University. She is currently actively coordinating the KATEIKA project in Turkiye.

OMU Foundation College was established in 2010. It is located in Atakum a district of Samsun in the Black Sea Region of Türkiye. As OMU Foundation College, we are advancing the educational journey that starts with kindergarten to the last year of secondary school rapidly and with our innovative ideas. We contribute to education by applying all the activities and conditions required by constructivist education.

The fact that our school is located within the borders of Ondokuz Mayıs University Kurupelit Campus provides privileges in many respects. We provide lifelong learning and collaborate with the expert academic staff of our university. As OMU Foundation College, we are strengthening our education and training process with the advisory board consisting of OMU academicians. Trips to the Faculties of Ondokuz Mayıs University allow our students to embody what they have learned in a permanent way. In this respect, OMU Foundation College offers the science-arts-sports and socio-cultural riches of Ondokuz Mayıs University, one of the largest universities in Turkey, to its students